Evening Events

STF evening events are open for anyone, invite all your friends and family!

Wednesday, April 12th   STF 2017 Sneak Peek

20.00-21.30  Master Class "Improvisation" - Jason Janas
21.30-           Tap Jam, free entrance!

STF check-in is open Wednesday 19.30 - 22.00

Thursday, April 13th  Opening Night with special show!

Welcome to the first evening kicking off STF 2017, meet all the teachers and fellow participants from all over the world! And, (drum roll), for this evening we have performances by two guest tap dance companies invited from London and Barcelona! We are thrilled to present:
  • Michele Drees Jazz Tap Project featuring Junior Laniyan. They will also be joined by special guests Andrew Nemr and Lisa La Touche. Musicians: Jess Jacques Gersztenkorn, Gunnar Åkerhielm, Björn Arkö,
  • UNUM Project - Tap Dance Company  Artistic Director: Estefanía Porqueras. Dancers: Andrea Herrera, Sara Macchiavelli, Marta Manotas, Clara Martínez, Joan Terrasa, Tzahi Ben Meir. Musicians: Albert Bolea, Guilliam Sons
20:00   Welcome Ceremony
20.15   Showtime!
21.45   Panel Talk

Entrance fee: 150 SEK (reduced 100 SEK) pay at the door.  (50 SEK for STF participants with a Main Schedule wristband).

NOTE! STF check-in is open Thursday 10.00 -19.45 (possible check-in after the show for late arrivals)

Friday, April 14th  STF Cabaret & Live Music Jam

The always exciting STF Cabaret! This is your chance to share some of your amazing skills, tap and other. CABARET SPOTS ARE NOW FILLED!
After the Cabaret we have a tap jam with live music, hosted by Junior Laniyan! Playing with us this evening we have Michele Drees on drums, Jess Jacques Gersztenkorn on bass & Gunnar Åkerhielm on keys.

19.30-21.00   Master Class "Introduction to Improvisation" - Lisa La Touche
19.30-21.00   Master Class "Improving Improvisation" - Brenda Bufalino
20.00-20.30   Free tap taster class
21.00-22.00   STF Cabaret          
22.00-            Jam session with live band

Entrance fee: 100 SEK (80 SEK under 18), included in Main Schedule package (show wristband)

Saturday, April 15th    Klubb STF - All Style Battle

The STF All Style Battle is back! As usual, we welcome ALL dance styles to the battle. Come out and compete or just hang for a night with amazing dancers and crazy energy! There will also be tap stuff happening during the evening.

Battle MC: Mario Perez Amigo
At the turn tables:Dj Prime

1st place: 2000kr
2nd place: 500kr
+ t-shirts "DANCE, don't run"

ANY STYLE GOES tap, breaking, popping, locking, hiphop, jazz, modern, house, waacking, voguing, modern, ballet, charleston...whatever you got.! If you want to compete, make sure you are there in time to sign up.

(all times after qualification round are approximate)
18.45-19.30 Free tap taster
19.15 Klubb STF doors open
19.30 Qualification Round:  1 solo by each dancer
20:30 Eighth Finals: 16 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solos each
21:00 Quarter Finals: 8 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 1 solos each
21.45 Tap demo with our STF faculty
22:00 Semi Finals: 4 dancers selected for 1v1 battles, 2 solos each
22.30 Judges solos
23:00 Finals: 2 dancers selected for final 1v1 battle, 2 solos each

19.30-21.00   Master Class "Improvisation" - Josh Hilberman
19.30-21.00   Master Class "Tap Foundations" - Andrew Nemr
21.00-22.30   STF Cinema: Tap footage & movies
22.30-             Tap Jam 

Entrance fee: 100 SEK (80 SEK under 18), included in Main Schedule package (show wristband)

Sunday, April 16th    STF 2017 Cutting Contest

Join one of the two divisions and challenge yourself and your fellow students to be STF 2017 Cutting Contest Champion. Accompanied by live music!

PRIZES       Adv/Pro division
1st Place: 300 Euro cash
2nd Place:
                     Amateur division
1st Place:
2nd Place:
19.30-21.00   Master Class "Improvisation" - Sam Weber
19.30-21.00   Master Class "Supreme Love" - Jumaane Taylor
21.00             Tap Cutting Contest
23:00             Jam and hang out!

Entrance fee: 100 SEK (80 SEK under 18), included in Main Schedule package (show wristband)

Monday, April 17th   STF Showcase Gala & closing party!

Welcome to the grand finale of the festival! The STF 2017 Showcase Gala, featuring our 11 amazing artists on the faculty together with a 4-piece band!!! Josh Hilberman will be hosting the gala and the musicians are: Michele Drees drums, Jess Jacques Gersztenkorn bass, Gunnar Åkerhielm keys and Björn Arkö saxophone.
After the Gala, join Captain Jack Sparrow for the closing party Shiver me timbers! Dress up!! Costume Contest, winner gets a pair of Jason Samuels Smith tap shoes!

14.30-16.30      Workshop "Body Percussion" - Nicholas Young
14.30-16.30      Workshop "Relaxation Technique" - Sam Weber
16.45-18.15      Master Class "Teacher's Choice" - Michela Marino Lerman
19:30                STF 2017 Showcase Gala!!!
22:00                Pirate Party!

Tickets for the Showcase Gala must be purchased directly through the theater, marked on the STF map, or on their website, ScalaTeatern. Any questions about tickets or the booking procedure are handled by them, not STF.

Everything is subject to change.